Vivo X60 Pro Plus - Camera Like No Other...

27. mars. 2021
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Vivo just launched the new X60 Pro and X60 Pro+ smartphones. These smartphones feature gimbal technology and a camera partnership with Zeiss. Sponsored by Vivo.
*Giveaway details below*
We have two devices to give away to Unbox Therapy subscribers. Simply tweet using the hashtag #VivoUnbox (as many times as you like) for your chance to win. Good luck!
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    Unbox TherapyUnbox TherapyMåned siden
    • I hope i'm one of the lucky winners cause i don't have a phone, i'm just borrowing my mom phone

      Estela Marie MercadoEstela Marie MercadoDag siden
    • oh... only in my dreams. Can you please make it real? 😊😘

      Saffron ManzoSaffron Manzo3 dager siden
    • Please Give Me

      Siya MyathazaSiya Myathaza28 dager siden
    • Great cam❤️

      HeMan GamingHeMan GamingMåned siden
    • @Auto Hunter a%

      Rexi SaputraRexi SaputraMåned siden
  • The phone looks nice.

    agilesh lakhagilesh lakh7 timer siden
  • Wowe ❤️

    Arun Mx VlogeArun Mx Vloge15 timer siden
  • I like it, amazing ... I go for vivo X60 pro plus... i hope i can have one in my dreams. 😅

    Saharudin AboSaharudin Abo16 timer siden
  • wow!!! nice review!!

    inoj saratapinoj saratap18 timer siden
  • Hi

    rohit sargarrohit sargarDag siden
  • This is my most favorite review vid so far. The opening is 👍👍👍

    sampolsampolDag siden
  • I wish i was the one who can get this kind of cp😞

    Justine Angelo UbasJustine Angelo UbasDag siden
  • Expectacular

    Alexandro AuditoreAlexandro AuditoreDag siden
  • the future is getting close

    PandaPandaDag siden
  • VIVO X60 Pro Plus🥺🙏

    jhomel serranojhomel serranoDag siden
  • @/vivounbox @/vivounbox

    MS HoqueMS Hoque2 dager siden
  • does anyone know when this phone will be available in europe?

    GILLE$GILLE$2 dager siden
  • that's an awesome camera, dang I love it

    Techtips ReviewTechtips Review3 dager siden
  • Please give me one cellphone

    John LunaJohn Luna3 dager siden
  • Id love to have the x60plus pro

    Oj AlegreOj Alegre3 dager siden
  • i go for the x60 pro plus... i hope a filipino guy like me will be able to get a chance to win on your giveaways... great reviews always, keep it up bro

    chadTVchadTV3 dager siden
  • iam abig fan for u bro @RamadanMahswb

    Ramadan MahsuobRamadan Mahsuob5 dager siden
  • X60 Pro Plus

    Shivam RaiShivam Rai5 dager siden
  • Can't waiting Samsung X Amd and IsoCell 200MP

    kazekage iankazekage ian5 dager siden
  • DO ONE ON POCO F3!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!

    Sachin MSachin M6 dager siden
  • nice device! @AkramPasha07

    Akram PashaAkram Pasha6 dager siden
  • nice device! @technical_08

    Technical LearnerTechnical Learner6 dager siden
  • nice device! @roxerop07

    Black listBlack list6 dager siden
  • nice device! @minhajop07

    MinhajMinhaj6 dager siden
  • nice device! @ghulam10032003

    Ghulam RasoolGhulam Rasool6 dager siden
  • nice device! ghulam06011424

    Ghulam RasoolGhulam Rasool6 dager siden
  • @indrsharma9660

    sharma Jisharma Ji6 dager siden
  • Twitter account :- Abbasbhinderwa3

    Abbas BhinderwalaAbbas Bhinderwala6 dager siden
  • Twitter account :- @Abbasbhinderwa3

    Abbas BhinderwalaAbbas Bhinderwala6 dager siden
  • @Vikrant41655726

    Tech SimulationTech Simulation6 dager siden
  • Amazing Device Amazing looks awesome smartphone Tech way @Tech_way1

    Tech WayTech Way6 dager siden
  • Amazing Device Amazing looks amazing built quality Ksaifkhan @Ksaifkhan1

    Daily GiveawayDaily Giveaway6 dager siden
  • The gimbal camera @Namitakoley

    Namita KoleyNamita Koley7 dager siden
  • Will it be released in UK?

    Joan MoonyuzzJoan Moonyuzz7 dager siden

    Rusydi LaiRusydi Lai7 dager siden
  • Basically a Samsung S8 + S9 and a Zeiss camera lens

    krkr8 dager siden
  • I been eyeing this company for a while :( this one caught my eyes. Yet due to money problems and no income I am left using a bogus ass iPhone 7 with limited functions and can’t do way I actually want to do. Someone help me get this phone into my hands 🥲🥲🥲🥳🥳

    Justin _that_one_dudeJustin _that_one_dude8 dager siden
  • Nice phone

    Jimmy IbrahimJimmy Ibrahim9 dager siden
  • Great video sir

    Soban KhanSoban Khan9 dager siden
  • Digging the vegan leather 👌

    Soahum BagchiSoahum Bagchi9 dager siden
  • can i get vivo x60 pro plus 🥺🙏❤ my phone is V11 pro, in it's make lag, and i can't captured the moon and milky way🥺 new subscriber here❤❤

    Razul GamingRazul Gaming10 dager siden
  • Vivo is conquering the world now

    Jönathan 69Jönathan 6910 dager siden
  • i love this phone

    Michael A. WibowoMichael A. Wibowo11 dager siden
  • Vivo phone is for a nice guy..

    Jimmy IbrahimJimmy Ibrahim12 dager siden
  • I think the Pro version also has Gimbal stabilization 2.0.

    HNOOR SHNHNOOR SHN12 dager siden
  • Is the 50mm telephoto stabilized in any way or doesn't say anything on the specs

    PJPPJP12 dager siden
  • been a fan hope i could win this phone.. However im from philippines

    kidd hunterkidd hunter13 dager siden
  • is this phone google compatible and US friendly? I have ATT.....

    Roland KimRoland Kim14 dager siden
  • @A_sk_chowdary

    Abbineni Sunil kumar chowdaryAbbineni Sunil kumar chowdary14 dager siden
  • This is what Oneplus' collaboration with Hasselblad should have been...

    Sensei JulionSensei Julion14 dager siden
  • Such a shame they decided to put an inferior battery into this beauty. The one think holding me back buying the phone

    LiasLias15 dager siden
  • where do you buy this phone?

    Ivan Parga-RenteriaIvan Parga-Renteria16 dager siden
  • vivo user is here.. 😍 i love vivo ❤

    Jarra GarciaJarra Garcia17 dager siden
  • I didnt receive any single gadget from you're side .I am eagerly waiting 🙂🙂

    Gajjela VAMSHI KRISHNAGajjela VAMSHI KRISHNA17 dager siden
  • 0:13 the eye talks to us

    JP ReyesJP Reyes18 dager siden
  • Funny his 5X photo shows the time stamp as 13:37. Very cheeky!

    V BV B18 dager siden
  • Omg

    FUNNY channelFUNNY channel19 dager siden
  • NA realeased smartphones, "We want to save the environment so you only get a cord in the box. Don't worry if you want to charge it properly you need to purchase the brick separately." Asia region released phone, "Here's a braided cord, 32 watt brick and headphones. Just in case we also included a dongle for the headphones and a case." Just wow 😳

    Caleb BelielCaleb Beliel19 dager siden
  • Wow it's so nice phone

    Christian ViñasChristian Viñas20 dager siden
  • That plastic sound 😻😻

    Vasisth ShuklaVasisth Shukla20 dager siden
  • Can I have 1 please!! 🙏🙏

    Dycevel FloresDycevel Flores20 dager siden
  • That's super cool. So many awesome phones on the market with unique features. It's really hard to decide.

    downtowndowntown20 dager siden
  • Does anyone know the name of the piano piece in the beginning? It's so beautiful! Edit: Yehezkel Raz - Ballerina

    ManikManik20 dager siden
  • Wow phone battle is camera and game

  • I'm Google Pixel Smartphone Lover.😘 I switch off iPhone 😑 I'm Only World Best Pixel Phone Camera love 😍

    AT Tandlekar New LifeAT Tandlekar New Life21 dag siden
  • Which is best Phone 📱 Samsung Xiaomi MI 11 Ultra VsGalaxy S21 Ultra Vs One Plus 9 Pro Plus Vs Vivo X60 Pro Plus👊👊. Reply Tell Me Which Do U Like The Most. I Like Vivo X60 Pro Plus Most And Samsung galaxy S21 ULTRA

    KhanboiSingerKhanboiSinger22 dager siden
  • this phone is beautiful

    Gervasio TaylorGervasio Taylor22 dager siden
  • My Twitter handle/id is: @KNRoy5335 Wish to win. 😇

    Kashinath RoyKashinath Roy23 dager siden
  • 👍

    Afsal bin A RahmanAfsal bin A Rahman23 dager siden
  • What was that car game ?

    G HG H24 dager siden
  • I don't have a twitter account! Ah... getting a phone like that would be so great for me now but unfortunately I am going to have to only see it in my dreams.

    Natural RelaxationNatural Relaxation24 dager siden
  • I need it for online school

    Kevon WatlerKevon Watler24 dager siden
  • Subscribed!

    Tinesh VarmahTinesh Varmah24 dager siden
  • The audio

    Shubhankar NathShubhankar Nath24 dager siden
  • @jubayerfahim13 my twitter and would like to have one

    jashim uddinjashim uddin25 dager siden
  • I wish I had one 😅

    Nisho TamuNisho Tamu25 dager siden
  • "vegan leather" lol do they mean pleather?

    Butterball843Butterball84326 dager siden
  • Can i please get one?

    Brightan HaloBrightan Halo26 dager siden
  • Where do I buy Sim unlocked?

    Sam BollionSam Bollion26 dager siden
  • I'll never use the gimbal on this phone for videos cos it's put on the ultra wide lens. Also where is IP rating and Stereo Speakers?

    Saddam KhanSaddam Khan27 dager siden
  • Thats a dream phone camera guy

    Aditya KakadeAditya Kakade27 dager siden
  • 😍😍😍

    Lei BhagwaniLei Bhagwani27 dager siden
  • wowowow❤️💜💙

    emcel joeemcel joe27 dager siden
  • Vivo exactly camera lens is the beasts in best smartphone

    Jimmy IbrahimJimmy Ibrahim27 dager siden
  • @iamarmoon

    Atikur Rahman MoonAtikur Rahman Moon28 dager siden
  • Totally Different start from other videos...,😍😍😍👍

    Young ChemsYoung Chems28 dager siden
  • What a phone... I go with the pro Plus ❤️

    Sumanth RoxxSumanth Roxx28 dager siden
  • Pls give me this yr pls

    Rahul YadavRahul Yadav28 dager siden
  • I don't have Twitter account 😃

    Lucky ShuklaLucky Shukla29 dager siden
  • Plss pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls psl pls pls pls pplslpsl pls pls pls pls pls pls pls give me any of these mobile phone. I wana a mobile ror gaming and photography 🙈

    Hamza KhetranHamza Khetran29 dager siden
  • I really need a phone fory studies

    Kevon WatlerKevon Watler29 dager siden
  • Vivo vivo Vivo vivo Vivo vivo is nice and cool

    Jimmy IbrahimJimmy Ibrahim29 dager siden
  • Vivo #1

    Jimmy IbrahimJimmy Ibrahim29 dager siden
  • Vivo music

    Jimmy IbrahimJimmy Ibrahim29 dager siden
  • Vivo is best camera

    Jimmy IbrahimJimmy Ibrahim29 dager siden
  • the way you started presenting products in your videos is so boring, bring life back to your videos..

    Mohamed Ould BabaAliMohamed Ould BabaAli29 dager siden
  • Make drop test. 100%its camera will damage. No focus

    bhuwan gurungbhuwan gurung29 dager siden
  • THAT... INTRO...

    VIPER.GXVIPER.GXMåned siden
  • Omg I love this phone

    Hariyansh RajaHariyansh RajaMåned siden